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Personalised and Handcrafted Ice Cream Rolls in Liverpool

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It looks like cooking on a hot grill and that is why it’s called stir- fried but it is actually a freezing process of making delicious and one of a kind Ice Cream Rolls.

When you watch your ice cream made in front of your eyes, with your favourite toppings chosen by you it makes you feel very special. You know that your taste buds, sugar craving, and thirst for cold, milky and creamy dessert is being looked after and it’s going to be satisfied. You keep looking at this mesmerising process and you know you could watch it forever and the only reason you want it to stop is that you can’t wait to get a hold of it and finally dig in into this delighting mixture of flavours. Your mouth is watering when you are reading about it but we have a good news for you, this whole new experience is available to you here available for birthdays, weddings, hire, events and waiting for you to demonstrate your creativity in mixology and in return, we guarantee to satisfy your appetite. 

What are the Ice Cream Rolls?

If you are wondering what are the Ice Cream Rolls, it’s the idea that originated in Thailand in 2009. Thai cuisine is known for the variety of so many flavours and creativity in making delicious dishes that not only taste, but look, smell and feel good. In Thailand, nothing tastes the same twice so every dish, every bite is a whole new experience. So, they figured to make ice- cream unrepeatable too and came up with Thai Stir Fried Ice cream, which is known in the UK as an Ice Cream Rolls.

The idea is to custom flavour your ice-cream and you can literally mix it with anything you want, it is mind blowing and you are going to be amazed.

You have a range of flavours to choose from

Just so you know….you can bring your own treat if your nanna slipped you this leftover cheesecake at the dinner last night. You can basically bring whatever you want, anything, an apple pie, a cereal bar, a slice of pizza but caution here: all savory snacks ice cream we are making at your own risk!

FYI We mixed Apple Pie for one of our customers and it was amazing!:)))) So Refreshing!! Doughnuts are also recommended!!!:D:D:D:D

Pick your flavours or bring your own;) and we will roll it into Ice Cream for you!