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The Thai Rolled ice cream and the regular ice cream could have a similar base recipe. However, the difference is in the process of making and adding on ingredients. Regular ice cream is churned inside a rotating cylinder while it is being frozen. This churning keeps the ice cream soft and also help air get trapped inside the ice cream. Without air and churning, ice cream would become hard like ice. On the other hand, rolled ice cream is chopped and scrapped while being frozen on a wide ice cream plate. This reduces the amount of air trapped inside ice cream. 

However, as rolls are thin it is easy to eat it. This implies that rolled ice cream has less air and this makes the taste of the Thai rolled ice cream more intense. Regular ice cream has air, which dilutes the taste of ice cream. Also, the Thai rolled ice cream is made and consumed live. Regular ice cream cannot be made live as the process is time -consuming.

Another exciting thing about the Thai rolled ice cream is that it can also be experimental, without having to produce large quantities. With each new portion, you can do something completely different and surprise yourself. The flavour possibilities of Thai rolled ice cream are endless. You can decide what you want in the ice cream without minding the status quo.