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Ice Cream Rolls Trailer With All The Necessary Equipment For Sale

Looking to Start or Expand Your Food Business?

Why We’re Selling?

We started it in 2018 late summer and had great two seasons. From July to September 2018 we served on festivals and private events and we earned great profits. In 2019 we continued to work on private events and also we had a permanent pitch in Liverpool city centre that was also good, but not as profitable as festivals.

This business is a great opportunity for someone driven and not afraid to work hard, and their work will definitely be financially rewarded. Someone that puts their heart and time into this business can develop a great franchise from this in the years to come. Profit margins are very high with this business as u don’t invest a lot in the stock and you can charge premium price for the product.

Thai ice cream rolls is just at the beginning of its growth in the UK and you could be the first one in your region to be doing this- people are going crazy for it. We have to sell it due to other very important commitments.


Ask Us Anything and Get Yourself an Amazing Deal That Will Guarantee Profit and Growth for Your Business’ Portfolio

 Made to Order and Branded Beautiful Ice Cream Rolls Trailer

Trailer was ordered from Thailand, it was made to order (shape, length, width, colour, equipment inside).

Speciality Ice Cream Roll Machine made form stainless steel built into the trailer (long work top with shelves, machine is with two stations (SQUARE) also stainless still floor and sink).

Running hot and cold water on the site from two 20L containers.

Fridge freezer, space for bins, space for the tools on the sides of the working stations. Machines, fridge, and inside of the trailer are in excellent condition as it was well maintained throughout the seasons.  

Trailer is wrapped in high-quality vinyl’s back and front, measured and made to order with original design logo.

There is a room for generator to be placed outside of the trailer on the tow bar if needed.

Everything You Need to Start is Here Included!

  • 3x A boards for menu
  • Branded flag (6m)
  • 2xTermos to transport cold stock
  • ~6000 branded cups
  • Storage boxes, all the tools to make ice cream rolls (8x scrapers, 8x tongs, jars, spoons and bottles for sauces and toppings, containers for ingredients)
  • Fan (it can get hot when its busy😉
  • Hight Quality Branded Rolling Monkey Uniforms


People Love Them 🙂

Every business working with food of any kind needs to have appropriate certificates and be approved by the local authority. We have been rewarded 5* hygiene rating.

Our Equipment is in Pristine Condition and Dose not Need Service For Years to Come

All electric sockets have been Pad Tested according to UK regulations and are safe and working perfectly.

To help you boost your business we could also sell all intellectual properties such as website, social media platforms and future booked events.

Do You Know How It’s Done Properly? Don’t Forget that Ice Cream Rolls means ART in the Cup

We Will Help You Master it so You Don’t Waste Time on “Shot and Miss” Scenarios

We are Open to Negotiations. Please Respect Your Time and Ours And Contact Us Only With Serious Offers

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